Dai Yanjun 


Title: Professor

Email: yjdai@sjtu.edu.cn


Research fields

  • Solar energy conversion and buidling energy 
  • Advanced solar cooling: thermodynamic and system design 
  • Desiccant dehumidification and cooling 
  • Moisture control in buildings 
  • High and medium temperature solar colloctor technology 
  • Optimization of energy structure for green buildings 
  • Desalination and energy utilization 
  • Thermoelectric units and application 



  • 1996-1999  Northwestern Polytechnic University Xi'an China, PhD
  • 1993-1996  Northwestern Polytechnic University Xi'an China, Master
  • 1989-1993  Northwestern Polytechnic University Xi'an China, Bachelor
  • 4/2015~, Dean, Department of Power and Energy Engineering 
  • 12/2007~,Vice Director,Solar Energy Research Center, MOE, China 
  • 8/2005~,Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong university, China 
  • 5/2010,Marie Curie Fellow, School of Built Environment, the University of Nottingham, UK 
  • 12/2009, Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Dakoda State University, USA 
  • 8/2001~8/2005 , Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong university, China 
  • 7/2001~11/2001: Research associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The university of Hongkong, Hong Kong. 
  • 7/1999~6/2001: Post Doctoral Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.


Research Project

(1)National Key Fundamental Research project: Static and dynamic performance of energy utilization system in buildings. 2000~2005 
(2)National Key Technology Project: Development and pilot depot testing on solar energy driven low-temperature grain cooling technology, 2004~2006 
(3)Shanghai Key Technology Project: Building integrated renewable energy techmologies and systems, 2003~2005 
(4)Shanghai Key Fundamental Research project: On heat & mass transfer and flow pattern in moisture control of buildings. 2003~2005 
(5)National Scientific Foundation program: Study on key problems of high performance solar driven thermoelectric cooling system. 2004~2006 
(6)National Key Technology Project: Study on building integrated solar energy technology with heating, cooling, and natural ventilation. 2007~2009 
(7)National Key Technology Project/Expo’2010 special program: Efficient clean energy system used in city and its demonstration. 2005~2007 
(8)Shanghai Key Technology Project/Expo’2010 special program:Building integrated solar energy technology and its application.2005~2007。 
(9)National Scientific Foundation program: Theoretical and experimental studies on thea ways of concentration, transmission, and utlization for Fresnel Lens solar concnetrator with high concentration ratio. 2009~2011 
(10)National High Technology Project: Study on an one step two stages solar desiccant cooling and dehumidification system. 2008~2010 


Selected Publication

1.Z.Q. Xiong, Y.J. Dai, R.Z. Wang, Investigation on a two-stage solar liquid-desiccant (LiBr) dehumidification system assisted by CaCl2 solution, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2009, 29( 5-6), 1209-1215 
2.D.La, Y.J.Dai, Y.Li, etc., Technical development of rotary desiccant dehumidification and air conditioning: a review, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2010, 14:130-147 
3.H. Zhai, Y.J. Dai, J.Y. Wu, R.Z. Wang. Experimental investigation and analysis on a concentrating solar collector using linear Fresnel lens, Energy Conversion and Management, 2010,51(1):48-55 
4.L. Mei, Y. J. Dai. A technical review on use of liquid-desiccant dehumidification for air-conditioning application. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2008, 12(3):662-689 
5.T.S.Ge, Y.J.Dai, R.Z.Wang, Y.Li, Experimental investigation on a one-rotor two stage desiccant cooling system, Energy, 2008(33):1807-1815 
6.Y.J.Dai, H.F.Zhang, Numerical simulation and theoretical analysis of heat and mass transfer in a cross flow liquid desiccant air dehumidifier packed with honey comb paper, Energy conversion and Management, 2004, 45(9-10), 1343 -1356. 
7.C.X.Jia, Y.J.Dai, R.Z.Wang, J.Y.Wu,Use of compound desiccant to develop high performance desiccant cooling system,Internatinal Journal of Refrigeration, 2007(30), 345-353. 
8.C.X.Jia, Y.J.Dai, R.Z.Wang, J.Y.Wu, Experimental comparison of two honeycombed desiccant wheels fabricated with silica gel and composite desiccant material, Energy Conversion and Management, 2006, 47(15-16): 2523-2534. 
9.Y.J.Dai, R.Z.Wang, L.Ni, Experimental investigation and analysis on a thermoelectric refrigerator driven by solar cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar cells, 2003, 77(4), 377-391. 
10.Y.J.Dai, K.Sumathy, R.Z.Wang, Y.G.Li, Enhancement of natural ventilation in a solar house with a solar chimney and a solid adsorption cooling cavity, Solar Energy, 2003, 74, 65-75. 

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