LCC Introduction

The China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC) is the first college in China which pioneers in setting up a discipline focusing on research in low-carbon field. Currently, LCC has two full-time Master’s Programs in Low Carbon Environment and Low Carbon Energy. It has established a strategic partnership with the University of Edinburgh. Students can study at LCC in the first year and further their study at the University of Edinburgh in the second year once meeting the entry requirements of UoE. Meanwhile, LCC is actively seeking collaboration opportunities with world-class universities including University College London and Imperial College London, to deliver dual degree Master’s Programs and Joint PhD Programs, and develop short-term student exchange programs, so as to build for students an extensive platform for overseas study and cultural experience, and to establish a training base for multidisciplinary and practical talents in the field of low-carbon industry.

Program Overview

The Master’s Programs at LCC are mostly conducted in English and normally take two and a half years to complete. Students can spend the second year at the University of Edinburgh if they meet the entry requirements of UoE.

Students are supposed to finish their study within 2.5 years. In the frst year, students study at China-UK Low Carbon College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and can apply to study at the University of Edinburgh during the second year once meeting its entry requirements. In the final half year, students are required to finish their thesis in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

> Students are required to acquire at least 30 credits, including 19 credits in GPA courses.

> Students who are admitted to the University of Edinburgh in the second year should finish relevant courses as required. 

Degree and Diploma

Students will be awarded a graduation diploma and a master's degree from SJTU and UoE if they successfully complete the required credits, finish the dissertation and pass the thesis defense.

Renowned Professors

  • Zhao Ling
  • Zhang Junliang
  • Zhai Xiaoqiang
  • Yu Haishan
  • Yu Lijun
  • Yin Haitao
  • Xu Zhiguo
  • Wu Rui
  • Weng Yiwu
  • Wang zhiping
  • Wang Qian
  • Wang Liwei
  • Qi Fei
  • OuYang Hua
  • Liu Yingzheng
  • Liang Xi
  • Li Peng
  • LI Liang
  • GU Xiaokun
  • Cheng Zhen
  • Cao Xinde
  • Geng Yong

    Circular Economy; Industrial Ecology; Low Carbon Development; Resource and Environmental Management

  • Jin Fangming

    Application of hydrothermal reactions for the conversion of biomass and CO2 into fuels and chemicals

  • Hu Yunhang

    Graphene for solar energy; Dye-sensitized solar cells; Photo catalysis


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