China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC), established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University together with its UK counterparts —— the University of Edinburgh, is one of the joint institutes under Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Supported by Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration, China-UK Low Carbon College is a pilot program as regards international collaborative education in Carbon Resources Management. Customized open courses in Carbon Finance, Carbon Management and Circular Economy have been delivered with forward-looking contents and appropriate flexibility in LCC, accommodating diversified learning needs of people in different areas and at different levels from institutions and entities, so as to cultivate much more professional and creative experts, businessmen and executives in low carbon fields.

Based upon this, the International Graduate Summer School of LCC in 2018 conducted enterprise visits to Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences and the Schneider Electric, both of them are pioneer institutions in low carbon area. Our participants had experienced a rather instructive as well as productive summer break here.