The Academic Committee provides advice and decision-making support for the LCC’s academic programmes, teaching and its further development, including faculty team construction, evaluation and career development, curriculum design, and other administration services. 

Academic Committee SJTU Members

Zhen Huang (Chair)

Professor, Vice President of SJTU

Changying Zhao

Professor, Dean of LCC

Yong Geng

Professor, Dean of School of Environment Science and Engineering (SESE)

Tan Wang

Professor, Deputy Dean of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF)


Junliang Zhang

Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Fangming Jin

Professor of SESE

Zhenming Xu

Professor, Vice Dean of SESE

Zhenqiang Yao

Professor, Vice Dean of SESE

Academic Committee – UoE Members

Andy Mount (Co-Chair)

Dean of Research, College of Science and Engineering

Neil Robertson

Dean International, College of Science and Engineering

Simon Kelley

Head of School of Geosciences

Conchur O’Bradaigh

Head of School of Engineering