Green economy and sustainable development are the focus of today's global society. President Xi clearly pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress, the plan to accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system and build a more beautiful China. To actively promote green, low-carbon and sustainable transformation of enterprises is the irreversible trend of the times. In 2017, China announced the construction of the national carbon emissions trading market. Under the guidance of the national green development strategy, low energy consumption, reduced pollution, and lower carbon emission have become the new economic growth points. Therefore, it is urgent to promote green and low-carbon development of enterprises, and cultivate interdisciplinary, complex, innovative low-carbon technology and management talents with international vision. The LCC executive training relies on the research, teaching and technical resource advantages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and top international cooperative universities. It gathers practical experts who are low-carbon frontiers home and abroad, as LCC strives to become the cradle of domestic enterprises and institutions in cultivating first-class, low-carbon innovative talents, helping enterprises develop sustainably, promoting economic and social progress, and building life-long cooperation and exchange platform for those who are committed to the country's green transformation and development. 


  • To cultivate inter-disciplinary, innovative and high-profile low-carbon management talents with global visions;
  • To develop entrepreneurs with low carbon technology, carbon management and carbon finance capabilities;
  • To build lifelong cooperation and exchange platform for low carbon elites


  • Middle and senior corporate managers responsible for low carbon transition strategies, energy conservation and emission reduction strategies;
  • Government and public institution officers responsible for environmental protection, low-carbon planning, supervision and management;
  • Professionals in organizations, financial institutions and investment industries in the low carbon fields;
  • People interested in exploring business opportunities in low carbon fields and the expanding low carbon market.

Curriculum structure:

1. Public Course:
Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Course Series
Carbon Market, Carbon Verification, Carbon Finance Course Series
Green Finance and Climate Investment and Finance Series

2. Customized Course:
Climate Change and Low-carbon Development
Green and Low-carbon Technology
Green Finance and Climate Investment and Finance
China(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-Gang Special Area Course
Economy and Mangement
Sustainable Development Leadership

3. Degree programmes 
Part-time Master of Engineering Management 
(Carbon Neutrality direction)