The project team will differentiate the course design with the clients’ requirements, diagnose the actual learning needs and pain points and difficulties through research interviews, combine sustainable development concepts, technology, finance and management practices, integrate cases, tools, methods and new thinking, develop the spirit of reform, create top curriculum and service system, and create the optimal project experience for clients.



1.Demand Research

After reaching the cooperation intention, the training project team will first conduct information collection and training demand research.

2.Training design

The project team works closely with the client to clarify the client's needs, repeatedly discuss the training program, explore the course content and delivery methods, match the most appropriate teacher resources and on-site teaching resources, and communicate the pre-course preparation. 

3.Implementation Delivery

In the course implementation stage, the training project team will ensure that each link like teaching, teaching services, logistics and quality control linkage, the whole service in order to provide the best learning experience.

4.Evaluation Feedback and Optimization

During the project, students can scan the QR code on their cell phones to evaluate the course and services in real time. After the training, the project team will summarize customer feedback and opinions to further adjust and optimize the course program and services to improve the long-term impact of the project.