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 Application for Modification of Personal Study Plan.docx

 Application for Extension of Graduation Date (for International Students).doc

 Application for Reinstatement of Admission (for International Students).doc

 Application for Suspension of Schooling (for International Students).doc

 Application Form for Academic Degree Certificate  Authentication.docx

 Application Form for Asking for Leave.docx

 Application Form for Certificate of Student Status (General).docx

 Application Form for  Certificate of Student Status (Special).docx

 Application Form For Changing Supervisor.docx

 Application Form for Early Graduation.docx

 Application Form for Information Modification (for International Graduate Students).doc

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 Course Retaking Application Form.doc

 Dipoma Information Report for International Students.docx

 Guide How to check your score and course schedule.docx.docx

 Internship report.docx


Academic Guideline

 2018 Environmental Engineering Program.docx

 2018 Power Engineering Program.docx

 2019 Environmental Engineering Program.docx

 2019 Power Engineering Program.docx


Course Syllabus

2018 Fall Semester

 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics.docx

 Advanced Fluid Dynamics in Engineering.docx

 Carbon Accounting .docx

 Carbon Economics.docx

 Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development in China .docx

 Environmental Economics .doc

 Environmental Law.docx

2019 Spring Semester

 Advanced Carbon Cycle Science and Technology【Xi CHEN】.docx

 Advanced Combustion Theory【Yuan XUE】.docx

 Advanced Heat Transfer【Tao REN】.pdf

 Basic Principles of Sensors and Mechanical Measurement Systems【Xue DONG】.docx

 Carbon Resources Cycle【Qianguo LIN】.docx

 English for Academic Purposes【Yanping DU】.docx

 Environmental Management【Huijuan DONG】.docx

 New Energy Systems【Zhendong ZHANG, Yuan XUE】.docx

 Solid Waste Disposal and Resource Recycling【Jingxin ZHANG】.docx

 Theories and Technology of Air Pollution Control【Yue ZHAO, Zan QU】.docx

 Theories and Technology of Water Pollution Control【Rongzhen HUANG】.docx

2019 Fall Semester

 Gas Turbine Combustion Theory —— Zhendong ZHANG

 Process Technology for Urban Mining —— Jia LI (M)

 Clean Energy and Cascade Utilization —— Xiaojing LV

 New Energy Systems —— Zhendong ZHANG; Yuan XUE

 Numerical Analysis —— Wenjun YING

 Carbon Accounting —— Haishan YU

 Energy Conservation and Solar Energy Utilization in Buildings —— Huijin XU

 Environmental Economics ——Haitao YIN; Haishan YU

 Carbon Economics —— Haishan YU; Haitao YIN

 Low Carbon Energy and Climate Change —— Jia LI (F)

 Environmental Law —— Huiyu ZHAO

 Decision-Making for Low Carbon Management —— Yuquan ZHANG


Student Handbook

 2018 International student handbook.pdf

 2019 International Student Handbook.pdf



 2018-2019 Academic calendar.pdf

 2019 LCC Brochure.pdf

 2019 LCC Graduate Admission Handbook.docx

 2019 Spring Semester LCC Graduate Students Courses Timetable.docx

 Courses Timetable   2019 Spring Semester.xlsx