LCC offers master programmes in Low Carbon Environment and Low Carbon Energy

Our master programmes are dedicated to professionals in the field of low carbon technologies, carbon finance and carbon management. The interdisciplinary nature of the programmes integrates the elements of low carbon technology and social science on the basis of Environment Engineering and Power Engineering. 

LCC provides graduates with a range of professional and transferable skills that enable them to pursue successful careers in the fields of energy and environment, including climate change consulting, carbon trading, energy-related or environment-related project development and business, policy or regulatory roles within government and NGOs.

The programs are delivered on-campus full time over 2.5 years. 
Students are offered opportunities to get a double master degree at the University of Edinburgh in Year 2 if they meet the entry requirements of UoE. Double degree students will be awarded Master’s degree from both SJTU and UoE.

Double degree Options (Master Programmes of UoE):

  • Carbon Finance
  • Carbon Management
  • GeoEnergy
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Energy, Society and Sustainability


LCC Curriculum:

Master Programs

Compulsory Course

Features Courses

Low Carbon Environment(taught in English)

Environmental Technology Course

Technology of Air Pollution Control

Technology of Water Pollution Control Low Carbon Environment

Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling

  • Decision-Making for Low Carbon Management
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Carbon Economics
  • Business and Climate Change
  • Carbon Resources Cycle
  • Building Energy Saving and Solar Energy Utilization
  • Energy Clean and Cascade Utilization
  • Cities and Sustainability

Environment Social Science Course

Environmental Economics

Environmental Law

Environmental Management

Low Carbon Energy(taught in English)

Power Engineering Technology Course

Advanced Heat Transfer

Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

Advanced Fluid Dynamics in Engineering

Advanced Combustion Theory

Power Engineering Frontier Course

Basic Principles of Sensors and Mechanical Measurement Systems

New Energy Systems

* LCC also offers PhD programmes. If you want to apply for our PhD programmes, please contact your ideal supervisor from the LCC faculty list in advance. ( )