Yu Haishan



LCC Full Time Environmental Engineering

Haishan Yu is a lecturer at China-UK Low Carbon College at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She earned her Ph.D. in economics from Uppsala University in Sweden in 2014. Her primary expertise is in environmental economics with a focus on climate change. Haishan Has done an empirical study to examine the early impact of the EU ETS on Swedish energy firms. Another empirical paper paid attention to the Nordic electricity market to study the empirical factors behind the price jumps, and was published on Energy Economics. She has two ongoing projects with emphasis on climate change. One project is studying the effects of stochastic thresholds of climate change and pays close attention to social cost of carbon. The other project focuses on equity and efficiency issues of carbon abatement and advocates lump-sum transfer as a mechanism. Haishan holds a master in economics and econometrics from Orebro University in Sweden, and a B.A. in public administration from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China.