LCCer Online Study Strategy


1. Refine Self-study Courseware, Complete Canvas Platform

2. Update & Simplify PPT Slides, Improve Visual Effect

3. Dress in Formal Attire, Remove Unrelated Software

4. Use Online Teaching Tools with Proficiency, Be Punctual for Class

5. Stay Calm and Keep Recording

6. Maintain Mute for All and Disable Annotation Function when Delivering Lecture

7. Maintain Steady Vocal Speed, Adjust Voice Volume When Needed

8. Utilize Support From TA, Spark More Interactions



1. Respect Privacy and Intellectual Property

2. Prepare Lecture in Advance, Familiarize with the System

3. Dress Formal to Attend Class, Open Camera to Answer Questions

4. Use Real Name Online, Stay Serious, Pay Attention & Be Active During Lecture

5. “Hands Up”before Asking Questions, Apply to Use “Share & Annotate” Function

6. Always Stay in Touch and Make Sure Online Communication is in Excellent Condition