Visit of University of Warwick


July 2nd, 2018. A delegation led by Simon Swain, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick visited the China-UK Low Carbon College. Ailsa Chambers, the Director of International Strategy and Relations, and Qing Wang, the Director of Academic Projects (China) were also part of the delegation.

Changying Zhao, the Executive Dean of LCC, first gave a presentation on the functions, progress, visions and missions of LCC to the Warwick delegation.

According to Simon Swain, the low-carbon research is quite strong within Warwick. The Warwick Manufacturing Group, School of Engineering, Warwick Business School, and Institute for Global Sustainable Development are all related to low carbon. For instance, many Warwick academics are specialists in smart cities, big data, low carbon transport, sustainability, etc.

During the meeting, both sides expressed willingness in establishing a partnership in research and teaching collaborations between the two universities. University of Warwick and Shanghai Jiao Tong University will host low-carbon workshops to enhance the mobility of academics and therefore promote the collaboration of both universities.