The First Joint Governing Committee Meeting of LCC


The First Joint Governing Committee Meeting of the China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC) was held in Shanghai Lingang on 15th September, 2018.

Attendees of the meeting included JIANG Sixian, Party Secretary of SJTU, HUANG Zhen and XI Lifeng, Vice Presidents of SJTU, ZHAO Changying, Executive Dean of the LCC, Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice-Principal of the University of Edinburgh (UoE), and Andy Mount, Dean of Research, College of Science and Engineering of UoE. The meeting was chaired by HUANG Zhen.

ZHAO Changying made an annual report on the development of the LCC, focusing on the governance structure, faculty and students, college functions, and future development. The LCC has been growing fast in the aspects of faculty recruitment, student admission, scientific research, and domestic and international cooperation.

At the Meeting, Ed Craig, Deputy Director of Edinburgh Center for Carbon Innovation was appointed as the LCC Dean for Edinburgh Affairs by the Joint Governing Committee. HUANG Zhen and Andy Mount were appointed as the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Academic Committee.




Charlie Jeffery was pleased to see that a lot of high-quality research proposals related to low carbon were generated inspired by the SJTU-UoE Co-Fund, ten of which were jointly approved for funding. According to him, UoE is very proud to be a leading international partner of the LCC and will continue to support the development of the college in its four pillars which are graduate education, scientific research, executive training, and innovation and incubation.

JIANG Sixian also expressed confidence in the collaboration between SJTU and UoE. He claimed that the establishment of the China-UK Low Carbon College was of great importance to China and the world. Drawing on knowledge and expertise from SJTU and UoE, the Low Carbon College is bound to make a difference in the cause of creating a low carbon society.