The Launch Event of the LCC Lingang Buildings & The 2018 New Graduate Student Induction Ceremony


On September 15, the Launch Event of the LCC Lingang Buildings and the 2018 New Graduate Student Induction Ceremony was held at LCC main building in Lingang.

Jiang Sixian, Party Secretary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Chen Jie, Executive Director of Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration, Du Xiangwan, Former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice Principal of University of Edinburgh, Simon Swain, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Warwick, Martin McDermott, First Secretary for Scottish Affairs, Huang Zhen and Xi Lifeng, Vice Presidents of SJTU, and Zhao Changying, Executive Dean of the LCC attended the event. Attendees also included representatives of the Lingang Administrative Committee, enterprises and organizations, schools and departments of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and faculty and students of the LCC. The ceremony was hosted by Xi Lifeng.




Speeches were given by Prof. Jiang Sixian, Prof. Charlie Jeffery, Mr. Chen Jie, and Prof. Zhao Changying, all of whom congratulated LCC’s settlement in Lingang and showed confidence in its future development.

At the end of the ceremony, a keynote speech delivered by Prof. Du xiangwan focused on "Low Carbon: a core orientation of sustainable development" aroused audiences’ interest in how low carbon transformation fits into the sustainable development of world.

The Low Carbon College is the first college in China pioneering in low carbon research and education. Drawing on knowledge, expertise and technology from SJTU and UoE, and with support from Shanghai Lingang Government, LCC aims to become a leading higher education and research institute that provides a platform for graduate education, scientific research, executive training, and innovation and incubation in the low carbon field. The launch of the LCC in Lingang opens a new chapter in the development of low carbon innovation and green industries within the smart city of Lingang.