“Low-carbon Energy and Low-carbon City” International Forum Is Successfully held in Lingang


On 15th September, “Low-carbon Energy and Low-carbon City” international forum was held in the lecture hall of main building of China-UK Low Carbon College in Lingang. HUANG Zhen, Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Martin McDermott, First Secretary for Scottish Affairs, British Embassy gave a welcome address. Besides, five experts made speeches, including Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice Principal of University of Edinburgh; LI Jingsheng, Vice President of SJTU Alumni Association Energy Technology Branch; David Elmes, Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School; ZHANG Junliang, Deputy Dean of Zhiyuan College at Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Neil Robertson, Professor of School of Chemistry at University of Edinburgh; Jennifer Wen, Professor of School of Engineering at University of Warwick. Simon Swain, Vice President of Warwick University also attended this forum. As for the roundtable discussion, participating experts including HUA Ming, Chairman of Shanghai Pudong Modern Industry Development Co., Ltd; Li Jing, Director of Great China, Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Ernst&Young; SHEN Congqi, Director of the Science and Technology Information Department of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd; ZHANG Ying, Director of Green Building and Low Carbon Development Research Institute, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences Group; LI Jin, General Manager Assistant of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange; XIN Lei, Secretary-general of Energy Technology Branch, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; JIN Zhijian, Dean of Shanghai Efficient Energy Internet Innovation and Research Institute; TAN Binglin, Vice Chairman of US-China Green Energy Council; WANG Jiongxiang, Deputy Chie Engineer of Shanghai Boiler Factory; DAI Yanjun, Head of Department of Power and Energy Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Hundreds of specialists and entrepreneurs from low-carbon area attended this forum. The meeting was hosted by ZHAO Changying, Executive Dean of China-UK Low Carbon College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The aim of this international forum is to provide an interactive and solid platform for people who are dedicated to promoting the development of low-carbon energy and low-carbon city to share ideas and experiences. LCC expects to cooperate with people from all walks of life to cultivate low-carbon talents, explore low-carbon cutting-edge technology and discuss low-carbon future.

HUANG Zhen extended his warm congratulations to the international forum. He hoped that all guests could take full advantages of the platform to facilitate the research of low-carbon technology and accelerate the development of low-carbon city and ecological civilization construction.

Martin McDermott extended his congratulation to the successful opening of international forum and expected the further cooperation between SJTU and UoE.

At the speech session, Charlie Jeffery delivered a speech on“Edinburgh-Shanghai: Smartening our cities”. LI Jingsheng made a speech about “Green City Development Facilitated by Efficient Energy Internet”. David Elmes gave a speech about “Smart City: There is no better time than now”. ZHANG Junliang delivered a speech on“Opportunities and Challenges on Automotive PEMC Technology”. Neil Robertson introduced Water Technology and Research at Edinburgh network (WaTeREd) in his keynote speech “The Water-Energy Nexus”. What’s more, Jennifer Wen made a speech on “Safety of Low Carbon Technology”.

The forum also arranged two brilliant roundtable discussions. They were “Construction and Governance of Low-Carbon Smart City” and “Create the Efficient and Low-Carbon Energy Internet in Shanghai”.

This Low-carbon Energy and Low-carbon City international forum was successful. China-UK College will stay true to the mission and strive to be the first-class college.