A letter to all the international students at LCC


Dear international students at LCC

The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted all our New Year's resolutions and life rhythms at the beginning of 2020. To cope with this emergency public health crisis, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has been working hard on the prevention and control of this infection under the united leadership of the China Central government, the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government. Meanwhile, China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC), characterized by internationalization, also has been taking strong measures such as the online meetings of caring, teaching and new semester registration, regular physical health survey one by one, to tackle this smokeless battle. Recently, this novel coronavirus outbreak in China has been largely controlled. We greatly appreciate your coordinated action and huge efforts due to different cultural backgrounds.

However, the European Union countries and others parts of the world are confronted with a crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, the leaders and all the faculty of LCC are very concerned about the health and safety of you and your families, especially those from Italy, UK. We call upon all our international students to keep calm and have faith in handling this pandemic, and hope that all of us could work together on the followings:

  • Keep a positive psychological attitude. Faced with the rapid outbreak of COIVD-19, you may be in negative emotions such as panic, anxiety, depression, anger, and so on, with complexity of social media information. Especially when you have fever, cough and other related symptoms of discomfort, the catastrophic idea becomes more real:" Am I infected? Will I die?". Under this circumstance, we should fully believe in modern science, trust the government and frontline medical staff, strictly follow the requirements of isolation or observation, and be fully prepared for daily life.

  • Keep a healthy lifestyle. To overcome the abnormal live pattern, it is vital to make a daily plan and schedule for yourself, strictly enforce it, and the resulting sense of stability. Being able to do something, such as watching video and music relaxation, reduces the negative impact of over-focusing on information about the epidemic. Try to maintain a reasonable diet, rich nutrition, proper exercise, to enhance your own immunity and to reduces social interaction. And, also to gain a health behavior, such as washing hands repeatedly, disinfecting repeatedly.

  • Keep a strong sense of discipline. Please do not purchase the tickets to return to school or to Shanghai in advance before receiving specific notices. LCC has issued a notice regarding the arrangement for online teaching and online registration for the 2020 Spring Semester. As for your specific tasks, please go to SJTU Graduate Education Information Management System. Please keep regular contact and communication with LCC's international student counselor, your supervisor and make a reasonable research plan based on your research interest. If you intend to come back, you need to strictly abide by the Shanghai municipal government's COIVD-19 prevention and control rules, and strictly implement the 14-day quarantine period. You also need to obtain the permission from the LCC and SJTU.

As one of LCCers, no matter where you are, we all care about you all the time, and we also believe that we can stay together to defeat any extraordinary challenges. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to let us know.

LCC and SJTU are looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile in the near future.


From:Lv Xiaojing