The second Fun Sports Competition of Low Carbon College


In order to strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, to enhance the communication between teams of different disciplines, the 2nd LCC Fun Sports Competition was held in the basketball court of Low Carbon College on the afternoon of October 11. Ms. Xu Min, Vice Dean of Low Carbon College, Mr. He Yiliang, Vice Dean of Low Carbon College, representatives of tutors and all freshmen of Year 2020 participated in the Fun Sports Competition.

At the beginning of the event, Xu Min made a speech for the opening of the sports competition. Xu Min put forward the slogan of "love sports, enjoy sports", the project of the Fun Sports Competition is different from the traditional one, with fun confrontation and team building as the main focus. The activity itself is not only full of fun, but also very challenging, which not only tests the teamwork ability, but also aims to improve the team cohesion and enhance the relationship between tutors and students.

The participating teachers and students were divided into four teams, and the team members named their teams by themselves, which were "The Most Beautiful Teacher Lv", "The Pleasant Goat Team" "Say Anything Right Team" and "Team Mario". After the team name was determined, each team performed a talent show.

The Fun Sports Competition includes five events: Pressure Board Rope Skipping, Kangaroo Jumping, Hula Hoop Game, Spot-and-Shoot and Tug of War. In line with the principle of "friendship first, competition second, to ensure safety, physical and mental pleasure", all students and teachers played well in the sports, while gaining happiness. 

Pressure Board Rope Skipping was the first event of the competition. Each player took off their shoes and jumped rope on the Pressure board, stepping on the Pressure board, the pain of the soles of the feet instantly spread throughout the body, each jump and fall, the impact of the soles of the feet on the fingerboard brought more soreness, but the pain of the fingerboard brought not pain, but the smiles on the faces of the students.

In the Kangaroo Jump, each participant needs to wear a kangaroo suit and jump to the finish line. Accompanied by cheers, each participant competed the jump bravely.

In the Hula Hoop Game, all members of the team stood hand in hand into a group, with a hula hoop through all the body back to the original position. 

Each player standing at the foul line position for shooting, player can jump, but the feet cannot cross the foul line, otherwise the goal is invalid. After the collaboration of the first 3 events, the collective consciousness has been strengthened, although in this project, each member of the team fought alone, however, in the mutual encouragement and support of teammates, we can still deeply feel the cohesion of the team, showing the youthful vitality of the team struggle! 

The last event was a Tug of War. The cheers and shouts pushed the atmosphere to the climax. Every participant did their best, and the students watching the game outside also shouted as hard as they could, and struggle became the theme of the Tug of War.

He Yiliang gave a closing speech, praising and affirming the outstanding performance of all the participants and hoping that the students would continue to work hard and strive for success in their future studies.

The Fun Sports Competitions was a stage for instructors and students to express their passion and happiness, as well as an event to gain health and joy. It greatly enhanced the friendship between the new students of the 20th grade, helped to build a harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and promoted the communication between the teams of different disciplines, solidarity and cooperation among the teachers and students of Low Carbon College.