SJTU’s First Green Finance Leadership Training Programme Run at LCC


To achieve the goal of peaking carbon emission and reaching carbon neutrality, green and low-carbon industries have become key for the high-quality economic development. In this context, the China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), the first domestic low carbon college, started an executive training programme on green finance leadership on 10 Dec 2021. Nearly 30 mid and senior-level managers from energy, environmental protection, investment, consulting, law sectors joined the programme.

Ming Hua, Director of the Executive Training and Industry Relations Office, remarked at the Opening Ceremony that the carbon neutrality target has opened a new chapter in China's active response to climate change, setting clear goals and directions for China's economic development and ecological civilization protection in the coming decades. He said, the Low Carbon College would shoulder its social responsibility and provide talent and technology support for the sustainable development of the nation.

Jia Li, Assistant Dean of the College, hoped that this training programme would help the participants to form low-carbon strategic thinking, further deepen their knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done towards the goal of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, and promote the low carbon transformation of industries.

Renowned experts and scholars in the field of low carbon were invited to give lectures in the programme. The main topics included green finance development and innovation at home and abroad, strategic layout and innovative practices under the dual carbon targets, energy transformation, climate investment and finance, national carbon market, carbon trading and carbon finance, etc. Participants made full use of the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other, further deepening their understanding of green finance and the dual carbon targets.