Shanghai Jiao Tong University Low Carbon Young Guardian - Study Tour of Lingang Station Successfully Completed


General Secretary Xi made a solemn promise to the world in September 2020 that China would achieve the goal of "2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutrality", and the "double carbon goal" has become a hot word recently. In order to further deepen the youth's knowledge of low carbon and cultivate their awareness of low carbon, on July 16, nearly 60 students from Changting County No. 4 Middle School, Changting County Experimental Primary School, Dingzhou Primary School, Dengjun Primary School and Tingji Primary School in Fujian Province followed the study tour to the China-UK Low Carbon College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and had a tour in the low carbon demonstration area - -Lingang New Area opened a unique fun, knowledgeable and scientific practical journey.

This study tour to Lingang Station was hosted by China-UK Low Carbon College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It is a combination of study and practice in the new area of Lingang, allowing students to have a deeper understanding of China's low carbon development, satellite business and the development of China's industry. We hope that this study tour can plant a small seed in the hearts of the students, so that they can acquire knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere and find the direction for which they will strive in the future.