SJTU-Warwick Low Carbon Research Workshop 2022 Successfully Held Virtually


On June 15, the SJTU-Warwick Low Carbon Research Workshop 2022 was held online. The workshop is co-organised by China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC), Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the International Strategy and Relations (ISR) team at Warwick, and is co-chaired by Professor Sai Gu, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Warwick and Professor Changying Zhao, Dean of China-UK Low Carbon College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and coordinated by Vicky Strudwick, International Partnerships Manager of University of Warwick. 

The eight key speakers from SJTU and Warwick shared their expertise in renewable energy, carbon finance, supply chain management and low carbon manufacturing, specifically talked about perovskite solar cells and green electrolysis for up-cycling waste plastics, carbon pricing and its economic impact, low carbon neighborhood planning and practice with 100% renewable energy, low-dimensional noble-metal free electrocatalysts for hydrogen production via water splitting, net-zero supply chain, low carbon research at WBS, electrooxidation of ammonia for wastewater treatment, and research for decarbonising the steel industry.

This workshop effectively promoted academic exchanges and research collaborations between SJTU and Warwick and provided ideas and solutions for achieving zero carbon emissions.

More information regarding the workshop at SJTU-Warwick Low Carbon Workshop 2022 - Warwick