LCC Research | Associate Professor Jia Li's Group Published a Paper in Environmental Science & Technology


LCC researcher, Associate Professor Jia Li's research group recently published a paper on “Pyrometallurgical Technology in the Recycling of a Spent Lithium Ion Battery: Evolution and the Challenge” in Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T).



The rapid development of the electric vehicle industry has spurred the prosperity of the lithium ion battery market, but the subsequent huge number of spent lithium ion batteries (SLIBs) may bring severe environmental problems. Because of the advantages of low raw material requirements and little waste liquid production, pyrometallurgical technology is suitable for recycling SLIBs in large-scale industrial applications. After decades of research, the practice of pyrometallurgical technology in related fields has developed a lot. There are three essential components of SLIBs, namely, binders and electrolytes, cathode, and anode. This article summarizes the development of pyrometallurgical technologies in dealing with these three parts and analyzes the strengths as well as weaknesses of each technology. Moreover, it reveals the evolution and the challenges of pyrometallurgical technology in recycling SLIBs. A high-value utilization with the characteristics of an overall resource utilization of waste batteries is a promising development direction for pyrometallurgical technology.


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Mingxian Zhou, Postgraduate Student of LCC


Dr. Jia Li, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of LCC