LCC Research | Associate Professor Cheng Tung Chong Published a Paper in Nature Communications


LCC researcher, Associate Professor Cheng Tung Chong recently published a paper titled “Limitations to sustainable renewable jet fuels production attributed to cost than energy-water-food resource availability” in Nature Communications.



Renewable jet fuel (RJF) is often touted as the only viable sustainable energy source for the aviation sector, given the difficulties faced by other low-carbon energy sources in overcoming technological barriers. Despite that, the sustainability of RJF is still in dispute due to the conflicting requirements in natural resource for producing the fuels. We introduce a holistic 25-indicator sustainability index encompassing the four domains of energy-water-food nexus and governance, that measures the potential impact of RJF production on 154 countries (and territories) through the oil-to-jet, alcohol-to-jet and gas-to-jet conversion methods. Countries and territories are ranked according to the composite index scores of the four domains. The sustainability index model provides insights on how RJF affords the aviation sector a clean slate in determining the manner of development in a sustainably and equitable way, while also marching towards the long-term goal of carbon neutrality, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Dr. Cheng Tung Chong, Associate Professor of LCC